China Rising: If you’re concerned about National Security, vote Democrat

Headline: “China claims supercomputer crown”

Headline: China Bullet Train Becomes World’s Fastest (VIDEO)

Video: Chinese Train That Never Stops

If you’re concerned about National Security, vote Democrat. Democrats are for Fair Trade and bringing jobs and industry back to the United States.

Here’s how I see those as critical National Security Issues.

China was a once-great nation which aspires to again be a dominant player on the world stage. My wife and in-laws are Chinese, and I love them and am happy for them. Their lives are improving as China becomes more wealthy, and they can be a little more comfortable every year.

China today is a competitor of the United States, not an opponent or enemy. That puts it in the same class as France or Germany or Britain or Japan or Italy. This is important to remember in order to keep the above headlines and news of other Chinese advances in perspective.

As an American, though, I cannot help but be disappointed. It can reasonably be argued that China’s great strides forward are due in no small part to the outsourcing of American jobs. Because with those jobs went the technology and production capabilities which enabled the ‘offshoring’ to be done.

With our jobs went our factories. With our factories went our competitive capabilities. This longterm and still ongoing erosion of the American industrial base is a National Security Issue of the highest order, but you’d never know it if you listened to the “strong-on-defense” Republicans. To hear them tell it, outsourcing is good. Outsourcing provides cheaper goods for the U.S. consumer. We are a ‘post-industrial society’, and factories and the  manufacturing jobs that go with them are so ‘last century’.

And if we had infrastructure money, there might be a bridge I could sell you.

This state of affairs should be taken as seriously as the alleged ‘missile gap’ was  in the 1960s. This should be taken as seriously as the Soviet Sputnik. This should be taken as seriously as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

This is a National Security Issue, and the Republicans are happy to ignore it as long as their business supporters and campaign contributors keep donating money to them.

Do you realize what this makes them? Soft on National Security!

National Security is the industrial base which made us “the Arsenal of Democracy” in World War 2. National Security is rebuilding our industrial base and regaining as much industrial self-sufficiency as possible in the interests of defense. National Security is the intrinsic economic power of a materially productive economy, because the wealth generated by that base helps to pay for the National Defense which it builds and supports.

Come the next Great War, shall we order the steel for our tanks from China? The chips for a high-tech weapons from China? Even if China isn’t the enemy, have you ever tried to order anything from China? Two weeks by freighter across the Pacific Ocean.

In peacetime.

A weak economic and industrial power cannot survive as a great military power. If you doubt that assertion, ask Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union. The corollary is that a strong economic and industrial power has the ability to become a great military power. If you doubt that assertion, ask Hu Jintao, president of the People’s Republic of China.

Here’s a joke, of sorts. You may be aware that the United States has export restrictions on so-called sensitive technology which cannot be exported to China because of their offensive military potential. Super computers are high on that list. Those days appear to be gone, now. Perhaps China will put export restrictions on our ability to buy their super computer.

Tick-tock. Carpe diem.

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