If you’ve considered tutoring for your children or yourself, I can help.

I’m Mike Honig. I’m the host of ThinkWing Radio, and I can help you improve your English language reading and writing skills.

My wife is a scientist, and a first generation Chinese immigrant. I understand how challenging it can be to learn English, and how important it is to your success . It’s not just about grammar and pronunciation. It’s also being able to express yourself effectively, persuasively and confidently.

 I am an experienced editor of published scientific papers, grants and general essays. I write weekly commentary for my radio show, I have been a contributor to TGDaily.com, and my articles have been picked up by Google news digest and other websites.  

As someone who is experienced in writing, copy editing, and speaking and reading in public, I can help you improve your English language skills.

If you’ve considered English  tutoring for your children or yourself, I can help.

I’ve tutored new immigrants, American- and foreign-born children, and even business professionals. My tutorials are always tailored to my students’ specific needs.  

Speakers of English as a second language (ESL) often benefit from working on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing skills. I also help them to understand Western culture, and nurture their interest in learning and self-improvement as an ongoing proposition.  

I can use my diverse interests and extensive general knowledge to provide foreign-born students with important cultural and historical context to aid understanding of Western attitudes and idiosyncrasies. 

I can help American-born students improve their vocabulary, reading and writing skills, and public speaking skills, as well as providing extensive general background about the world in which we live. 

Whether it’s about impressing your boss, improving yourself to get the promotion you want, strengthening writing skills for school or business, or getting that paper edited so you can ace your last minute business or classwork demands, I can help! 

Whether you’re a native English speaker or ESL, adult or child … Whatever your tutoring needs, contact me.

I provide free initial consultation. 

 If your English can use some help, contact me at ThinkWingRadio@msn.com.  

Adults and Children Welcome, flexible schedules and locations. 

Introductory rates are:

     $25 per hour  at my home office 

     $35 per hour at a place of mutual convenience 

(Prices subject to change.)



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