Amusing Tweets & Comments

Stuff I saw that you might enjoy:

“If you live to the age of a hundred, you have it made, because very few people die past the age of a hundred.” – George Burns (More George Burns quotes:

ebertchicagoRoger Ebert; The Origin of Republicans:

ebertchicagoRoger Ebert; Sons and daughters of Trololo Man: Very, very strange Soviet pop numbers from the 60s. Milk those balloons!

 ebertchicagoRoger Ebert; Confessions of a ghost writer who makes $66K a year creating papers for illiterate college students.

 rodimusprimerodimusprime; by dbgrady Obama could save a child from a burning house and the headline would read, “Obama let’s house burn down; Kidnaps baby.”

 I’ve always said that the solution is to FLY NAKED! Any one want to go on a cruise? :-)  Michael Moore 23-11-2010 (By the way, the article is a satire – MH)

ebertchicagoRoger Ebert; New York’s three finalists for the new taxicabs. Will other cities follow?

ebertchicagoRoger Ebert; Plan ahead to use Marilyn Monroe’s turkey dressing recipe. Joe and Arthur said, “Yum!”

ebertchicagoRoger Ebert; Chicago unleashes coyotes within the city to attack rats. No, really.


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