UPDATED ON September 28, 2022.

Join“Thinkwing Radio with Mike Honig” on Wednesdays from 11 AM-12 NOON (CT) and re-airs on Thursdays at 6PM on KPFT 90.1-HD2 (Houston). You can also listen online from anywhere in the world by going to KPFT.org. You can listen to past shows on the BLOG tab here, or at Archive.KPFT.org to hear shows that have been broadcast within the last few weeks.

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My goal is to do shows which I feel are interesting, relevant, and that contribute something a little different to the political and intellectual public discourse. I prefer discussing stories that are not overtaking the media, unless I feel that I can contribute something novel and interesting.

My co-host, assistant producer and audio editor is Andrew Ferguson.

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If any links on the site are broken or need updating, please let me know.

Home:  This is the page you’re on now. It’s the place to get guidance to the site, and information on new and perhaps time-sensitive reporting.

Blog: Latest posts by yours truly, as well as comments on interesting stuff I run across and the links (so you can judge for yourself). You can also post comments to specific blog entries, and forward links to them on Twitter or Facebook.

Archives: ThinkWing Radio Shows: Audio MP3 files of prior shows. The goal is to have them all. Any shows not in the archive can likely be found at the blog tab. I will endeavor to update the archive from time to time with any new shows on which I host or guest.

About: Stuff about me and what my objectives are for my show and my blog.

 Polls: This is a place for you to express your opinion on specific questions. Currently, I’m attaching the date of the most recent poll added to the page, so you know when there’s something new.

Articles, News History & More: This page has several sub-pages associated with it. It is intended for long-term placement of interesting articles in various categories. Think of it as an “Easter Egg”, and explore. Some article links seem to be going on the blog page, but I’ll be more diligent about growing this area if you would like. Let me know.

Humor: This link has several sub-pages. The humor ranges from political to ‘other’.

Quotations: This section  has a number of sub-pages. It includes quotations of wisdom, humor and more. If you have a quote you love and would like me to add, let me know. (Citations and attributions are helpful before I post it.)

EMAIL ALERT! DO NOT REPLY!!!: This page currently has only one ‘spoofing’ email listed, but I may add more. ‘Phishing’ and ‘spoofing’ have become huge problems, and I’ve considered adding some additional specific ones that are particularly concerning. Remember: When in doubt, check further. Some have looked so convincing, that I’ve called banks and credit card companies to ask if they are legitimate. (Usually they aren’t.) A great resource for hoax detection is Snopes.com.

Tutoring Services: Need help with your business, school or personal writing? I have long experience as a copy editor for science papers, research grants, school papers, essays and more. You can inquire about rates and availability by writing to ThinkWingRadio@msn.com. I also have a limited number of spaces open for personal tutoring in writing and general academic enrichment. References for all the above are available upon request. For additional information or answers to questions, email ThinkWingRadio@msn.com.

Sponsors: People and companies who have aided in sponsoring ThinkWing Radio.

Political & Voter Information And Resources: Active voter participation by all of us is essential for the survival of our democracy and our nation! This page has sub-pages for various Metro-Houston area counties, as well as Texas State. I’ve sought out what I hope are most of the pertinent county links for voter information, as well as Texas State sources. If you find something helpful that you think I should add, let me know! I’ve also included links to the four best known political parties (Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green) in this area.