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“Dead” Satellites Can Be The Newest (And Nearest) Valuable Resource To Harvest From Space [VIDEO]

In an era when companies are seriously talking about mining asteroids, there is an enormous untapped resource in space which is as close as low Earth orbit (LEO), and which is otherwise classified as ‘space junk’: Dead satellites. Continue reading

People of the Lake – Al Jazeera English [VIDEO]

The Aral Sea, located between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, was once the fourth-largest lake in the world – an immense body of fresh water covering a surface area of 68,000 square kilometres.

Two port cities were located on it – Aralsk in Kazakhstan and Moynaq in Uzbekistan. Both featured thriving fishing communities and the lake itself held some 22 different varieties of fish – four of which could only be found in the Aral.

“This is a crime against nature. The drought of the Aral Sea is a man-made tragedy.– Sergei Azimov, a film producer

But then the Soviet Union decided to boost cotton farming by constructing dams

on the two large rivers that flowed into the Aral Sea, the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya rivers.

This diverted these two giant rivers away from the sea into the deserts further south to irrigate large tracts of land. It proved disastrous for the Aral Sea.

[To read this entire article and see the video, click on link: People of the Lake – Al Jazeera World – Al Jazeera English]

The Cat On The Rack Meows Back [Photo]

Okay, this looks like a modern case of the Feline Inquisition, but it’s actually a common medical procedure for dogs and cats. It just looks creepy as hell.Read on. ~ Mike


NPPA [Photo] award winner

La Shinda Clark,
©The Philadelphia Inquirer

In the photo, volunteer Cameron Tarzwell, 13, cleans loose hair that has been shaved from an anesthetized cat, Princess, in preparation for an operation.

La Shinda Clark, photographer at The Philadelphia Inquirer and 1995 Scholar, won third place for feature photos in the National Press Photographers Association 2003 Best of Photojournalism contest. In the photo, volunteer Cameron Tarzwell, 13, cleans loose hair that has been shaved from an anesthetized cat, Princess, in preparation for an operation. Tarzwell has been assisting a veterinarian for four years. The photo was one in a picture story on a spaying and neutering program in Chester County in Pennsylvania.

The Evolution of Asian Eyebrows: A (Dia)critical Contemplation, by Jana J. Monji

by Jana J. Monji
January 3, 2013

After watching “Cloud Atlas” and reading the many comments posted on Roger Ebert’s Facebook page, I found myself reflecting on circumflexion and the evolution of the yellowface East Asian eyebrows in cinema, particularly in regards to men. As a former copy editor, I developed this into a diacritical reflection on circumflexion.

I don’t know about you, but I’m have so little body hair that I don’t need to shave my legs, I never worry about waxing my moustache and my eyebrows are so thin I pencil them in. If I didn’t my eyebrows would be little more than en dashes over my eyes. Diacritically speaking, my eyebrows and eyes could be represented as a inverted semi-colon.

I know many East Asian guys who can’t grow more than a dirty-lip look facial hair and should wax and tweeze instead of shave. Their eyebrows might be more like an em dash. This isn’t how East Asian male eyebrows are drawn in for yellowface.

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