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Información Para Votantes

Observe el nuevo Sistema eSlate Para Votar!

See the New eSlate Voting System!


Online Poll Worker Training

Poll Worker Manuals and Videos


Mission Statement

The Montgomery County Commissioners’ Court created the Office of the Elections Administrator on January 1, 1981, pursuant to Section 31.031 of the Texas Elections Code. The Montgomery County Elections Administrator’s office has the responsibility of conducting all Federal, State, and County elections in Montgomery County, as well as elections at the request of local governmental entities. The office also maintains the Montgomery County voter registration database and geographic information system.

We understand elections are the foundation of democracy and good government. Elections must accurately reflect the intent of the electorate. Access, security, accuracy, privacy, and integrity are vital voter rights.

We are committed to maintaining public confidence in elections by assuring all of our elections are conducted in a fair, efficient and accurate manner with the highest level of integrity and vote security. The staff commits to excellence in maintaining up-to-date, accurate voter registration rolls to provide fair and equal opportunities for all qualified voters to participate in the democratic process.

If you would like to receive current election notices and information
or for comments or questions, please Email us.

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