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My email to the Galveston County Clerk (10/25/2012): “It’s October 25, 2012, and you guys still don’t have a link for a 2012 election calendar?! Inexcusable!”

The same day, I received this reply from William Sargent, Chief Deputy Clerk for Elections:


“To be quite honest…  we are working so hard to make sure the election goes well that the link has taken a back seat to the other stuff on our plate.  We figured that  making sure everything goes well at the polls takes preference.

“Thanks for bringing this to our attention… at this point I guess we will just take that link off the site.

“Next cycle maybe things will go a little easier (with no redistricting and such).

“Please forgive me for not getting to this.

“As always, Bill”

Galveston County Clerk Home Page

Galveston County Voter Registration Officials

Getting Started

Candidates and Important Dates


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