VOTER & Political Info And Resources

“Polls don’t win elections. Votes win elections!”

Because I believe that accurate information is essential to developing an informed opinion, and that voting with an informed opinion is essential for the good health and even survival of our democracy, I’m providing as much information as I can regarding how and where to vote, and resources for determining how you can best exercise that right.

While I will attempt to keep these voter links current, it’s always advisable that you go to the site for your County Clerk to get the most up-to-date voter information. The top link on each page is usually the main link for voter information from the respective County Clerk.

Voter information is now available on, a service of the Texas Secretary of State.

The sub-tabs for this page are organized by County, as best I could accomplish that. If you have any questions, or suggestions on changes or additions that might be helpful, please do not hesitate to comment on this site or by writing to

County Voter Registration Officials for all Texas Counties, a service of the Texas Secretary of State.


Please note this important bit of information regarding Texas primary and runoff voting, accurate as of the posting date:

Thanks for this submission by J J Smith, on 2012/08/01 at 6:28 AM | In reply to ThinkWingRadio.

New News for all of us….. From
Q. Does a voter have to vote in the primary election in order to vote in a runoff-election or on November 6, 2012?

A. A voter does not have to vote in the May 29, 2012 primary election in order to qualify to vote in a primary run-off election on July 31, 2012, OR in the general election on November 6, 2012. If you voted in one party’s primary on May 29, 2012, then you may not vote in the other party’s runoff on July 31, 2012. Remember if you signed a petition in lieu of filing fee for a candidate for one party, you many not vote in another party’s primary or primary runoff that voting year (2012). Whether you voted or not in the primary, you may vote for whomever you choose in November. Party affiliations expire on December 31.


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