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VIDEO: The ‘Real’ Andy Kaufman, Interviewed By Seth Schultz At ‘Pip’s Comedy Club’ in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Have you ever seen Andy Kaufman as ‘himself’? Really?

Most of us have never seen the ‘real’ Andy Kaufman without his personas for him to hide behind. Here in this rare video, he’s being interviewed by Seth Schultz, son of Pip’s Comedy Club then-owner and founder George Schultz, after doing nearly two hours on stage in front of an unhappy audience, and he’s clearly exhausted and ‘put out’ by the experience. At the time this video was shot, Pip’s (in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn) was the oldest and one of the most important comedy clubs in America.

This video is taken from a longer article entitled, Marty Schultz, 58, Owner Of Pips Comedy Club, Passes Away In Las Vegas (By on October 10, 2013) published in The date of the video is not specified.

“Here’s an interview Seth did with friend Andy Kaufman. Beginning at the 3:00-minute mark, Kaufman is talking about Pips, Seth and George, and Sheepshead Bay in general. This interview was the material Jim Carrey studied for his role in Man on the Moon.”