ARCHIVES: ThinkWing Radio Shows


This the area in which you can listen to past shows which I have hosted, and which is brought up-to-date occasionally.

Shows not listed here can be found in the Blog Posts section, as show announcements with audio files embedded.

Scroll down to find dates and guests. Older Shows (going back as far as May 10, 2010) may be in as many as 4 segments; some are a single mp3 file. The 1-hour shows I’ve done on KPFT are all one file.

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2 thoughts on “ARCHIVES: ThinkWing Radio Shows

  1. Jack in Houston


    I listened to the begininning of your show this last Monday (Aug. 30, 2010) and was amazed to hear a ‘talk radio host’ actually making sense!!

    I used to listen to talk radio all the time while commuting to and from work, but with the recent political climate (ever since the Bush/Rove bunch entered the scene) I’ve been unable to stomach more than a minute a day.

    What I heard you say as your opening definition about Socialism, Fascism, Communism, etc. was right on with my thoughts!! Thank you for having common sense!

    I’m deeply saddened about what has happened to our airwaves… The truth is not sacred. The only thing that matters is getting your way (politically) and whatever it takes to make that happen is OK. I was told long ago that all it takes to make someone believe in what you are saying is to have a grain of truth in your statement. Whatever else you say around that grain of truth gets through all our critical faculties.

    I just wish the ‘TRUTH’ would come out once in a while! The really sad thing is that not many people would believe it because they’ve been snookered by the Glen Becks, Rush Limbaughs, etc. out there. Don’t they know that these guys are only mouthpieces for the few billionaires that want to sway public sentiment, public policy, and public elections for their own personal gain (Money/Power)?

    Myself, I am tired of all the lies!!!

    Thanks Again for your show and I’d appreciate if you have a transcript of your show from Monday, (or an MP3 Audio of it) a copy. I was unable to listen to your whole show because of work. Is there a source of podcasts for your show?

    Sincerely from a new fan…

    Jack in Houston


    1. ThinkWingRadio Post author

      Thank you, Jack. Your comment and your kind complement mean a lot to me.

      That was actually a relatively easy commentary to write, but a tough one to read on the air. I actually do quite a bit of research to validate my comments and opinions before I broadcast or publish them. Sometimes I find out, OOPS! I remembered wrong! Then I breathe a sigh of relief that I checked my facts first. :)

      This commentary made me nervous, because it’s easy to sound waaaaaaaay over the top as soon as you mention Nazis and Hitler and Goebbels.

      I appreciate your agreement that what I said made sense.

      Please tell your friends about my show. The next one is Friday September 10th. Thanks for your support.


      PS: I’m not quite at the ‘streaming audio’ stage yet, but I can upload show files if you request them, and then send or post the links. It’s usually 4 files totaling about 40mb.



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