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#ThinkwingRadio: OCTOBER 8, 2014, 10PM, @KPFT-FM 90.1 (Houston). GUESTS: YOU! TOPIC(s): OPEN FORUM (+ Voting, Ebola, Hong Kong, & More) [AUDIO]


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ELECTION DAY IS COMING! Register AND Vote!: VOTER & Political Info And Resources

“If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t try so hard to suppress it!”

Over the past year, “ThinkwingRadio with Mike Honig” has brought you dozens of interesting guests and many uncommon or rarely heard topics of discussion. We have callers from across the political and ideological spectrum, and I endeavor to treat them all with respect and courtesy so we can generate a real flow of ideas. You can listen to almost any show I’ve ever done (going back to May 2010) by going to the archive tab. Welcome to Thinkwing Radio with Mike Honig (@ThinkwingRadio), a listener call-in show (every Wednesday night from 10-11PM CT) on KPFT-FM 90.1 (Houston). My engineer and discussion partner is Egberto Willies (@EgbertoWillies). Listen live on the radio or on the internet from anywhere in the world! When the show is live, we take calls at 713-526-5738. (Long distance charges may apply.)  For the purposes of this show, I operate on two mottoes:

  • You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts;
  • An educated electorate is a prerequisite for a democracy.

POSSIBLE TOPICS: Voting, Hong Kong Occupy, Ebola in the US, ISIS

GUEST(S): (See Event Announcement with links below the break)


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“NYPD arrests 2 for filming cops. Seizes cameras, SD card to destroy evidence. They took the wrong SD card” [VIDEO]

I post this without comment. Judge for yourself. ~ Mike

From liveleak.com:

NYPD arrests woman filming police’s “vehicle safety checkpoint”; they seize the wrong SD card

NYPD must be required to wear badge cameras!

Cameraman :
”We were arrested while filming an NYPD checkpoint on a bridge between a soon to be gentrified Bronx and a quickly gentrifying Harlem. We were charged with OGA, DisCon, and resisting arrest. I was holding a bag of yarn in one hand and a canvas in the other. My partner had food in his hands when he was tackled. Even though their violent actions were unjust, we did not resist. Simultaneous with our “arrests”, the checkpoint was closed down”


Read more at NYPD arrests 2 for filming cops. Seizes cameras SD card to destroy evidence. They took the wrong SD card