1 thought on “OCCUPY THE BALLOT! FINAL DAYS!! Run-off Elections For Houston City Council. VOTE!

  1. Donald Arthur Kronos - Actor

    Run-off elections are much better than mere plurality elections, but a far cry from fair and just representation of the wishes of the voters. You may want to have a look at a weighted net approval system. You can find a couple examples through facebook.com/OCCUPYtheELECTIONS where you will also find my “OCCUPY the VOTE” proposal which I will be presenting to the General Assembly of Occupy Los Angeles tonight (7:30pm, east steps of the City Hall) for approval, which is a step we can take to improve voter representation and make a statement in the process so that the need and desire for electoral reform can be made more obvious.

    Donald Arthur Kronos, Ph.D.



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