That’s why Republicans try in so many sleazy and borderline legal (or illegal) ways to suppress the vote. Because large turnouts almost always favor Democrats. And you know why? Because there are more registered Democrats in this state than registered Republicans.

Yup. Little known secret. If everybody voted, Texas would turn virtually all blue.

Vote. Get your friends, relatives and neighbors to vote. Call the local Harris County Democratic Party and see how you might help them get out the vote. People need to be reminded and encouraged by phone. Elderly or disabled people may need a ride.

Call the Democratic clubs and the other organizations trying to mobilize the grass roots.

My show theme is “Back to the Future”. Think about this. Due to Marty McFly’s wussy mistakes, the whole future changed for the worse. He came back and straightened things out, so that the future took its intended, much more benign course.

We can see the future that awaits us if we do nothing. Do SOMETHING! Vote. Encourage others to vote. Drive others to vote. On November 3rd, you’ll be mighty glad you did!

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