A Tax Cut-Related Email I’m Just Now Sending to Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow

Dear Keith and Rachel, 

There’s an aspect to the tax debate that seems to be consistently ignored: The numbers being discussed always relate exclusively to adjusted gross income!

Yet aside from myself on my radio show, I’ve only heard one other person say that, and he was a guest on one of your shows.

This is not a trivial distinction! A couple who claims $250,000 as their adjusted gross (i.e., taxable) income is usually actually grossing much more before all their itemized deductions. A number I’d feel safe with is $300-500k per year.

I find it amazing, remarkable, frustrating and puzzling why this is never mentioned. Not by you or Congressional Representatives or Senators or President Obama.

If the $250,000 tax cut is on adjusted gross (taxable) income, then it DOES already apply to people making $300-500,000 per year.

Please do not gloss over this fact in your discussions and interviews on this subject. If the Republicans are too sly to mention it and the Democrats too stupid, at least you folks should make a point of it for your viewers.


Mike Honig

Host, ThinkWing Radio with Mike Honig

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Mike Honig is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He moved to Houston in September of 1977 and has been there ever since. Mike's interests are politics, history, science, science fiction (and reading generally), technology, and almost anything else. Mike has knowledge and experience in many diverse fields, sometimes from having worked in them, and sometimes from extensive reading or discussion about them. Mike's general knowledge makes him a favorite partner in Trivial Pursuit. He likes to say that about most things, he knows enough to be dangerous. Humility is a work-in-progress.

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