“The Rose”, a leading non profit organization for Breast Cancer

My friend Bob Domec owns the Casa Ole’ at W.34th Street and 290.quite a while now, he and his store and his employees have been very active in and dedicated to raising money and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

This is a flyer he sent to me, and I want to pass it on to you. Help if you can. — Mike

RIBBON DONATION LETTER, Oct 2010 ======================

Dear Friends & Family,

As most all of you know, I am personally involved with Breast Cancer Awareness year round.  Last year we began a program in which we offered Pink ribbons for $1.00 each to our customers. 100% of those donations go directly to “The Rose” (a leading non profit organization for Breast Cancer).  Last year, our establishment proudly turned over $2182 to “The Rose” exclusively in ribbon sales (October 2009). This year, although we are proud of our achievements, we are running significantly behind the bar we placed on ourselves last year. With only one week left in October, we are only at the half way point of last year’s achievement.

I am reaching out to all you for your support. If you feel compelled to contribute, you may contact me personally (713-582-2099) and I will gladly handle the transaction over the phone. You can also send funds through my personal pay pal account at www.paypal.com send to bob@bobdomec.com. I can assure you, 100% of ALL contributions will go directly toward “The Rose.” If needed, I will provide a receipt from the restaurant for you.

Although, this is an unconventional way of drumming up support, I am committed to the fight against Breast Cancer and I refuse to fail. Any and All support is truly appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me personally at 713-582-2099.

My name is Bob Domec and supporting Ta Ta’s is what I do!


Bob Domec

Casa Ole 290

Mexican Food with an Attitude

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2 thoughts on ““The Rose”, a leading non profit organization for Breast Cancer

    1. ThinkWingRadio Post author

      Hey Cerence,

      As a lay person, I can tell you that they’ve actually been doing work on this kind of treatment for many years. The premise is that tumors have inadequate blood supplies for the amount of tissue being fed. This inadequate blood supply cannot efficiently dissipate excess heat. Thus, heating that’s directed specifically at the tumor can overheat the cancer cells and kill them, doing little or no damage to the surrounding healthy cells.

      I don’t know if this kind of treatment has ever gotten out of the experimental stage, but the theory is basically sound. It certainly would pay to explore it with your oncologist as a treatment option.



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