3 thoughts on “GOOD ADVICE: DIY Jobs You Should NOT Do Yourself!

  1. David Norman

    FoxBusiness does not have any sort of option to ‘respond’ or contact Fox or the editor, and I cant find a way to contact ‘Kathryn Elizabeth Tuggle’, so I am going to vent on you… good going, Mr. Honig, you jerk… ‘thinkwing’, did you think as you read this article what a POS it is?… LOOK at it again… ‘oh, you thought you might do a job yourself, (like paint a room?)… forget it, hire, and pay a professional… ( to clean your gutters…) XXXX’s to Fox and the editor who published it, to Ms. Tuggle who wrote it, and none of which provided a method of response or contact… and the same to you, for duplicating said POS. Any response most welcome, rilly…


    1. ThinkWingRadio Post author

      I was willing to accept the “so I’m going to vent on you” part, until you got to the “you jerk” part. That was pretty rude. Nonetheless, I will respond.

      I have learned to subscribe to the “nothing is as easy as it looks” school of DIY. Different folks have different skill levels and ability levels. I can do things with hardly a second thought, for example, which many folks would not attempt. I’ve also been in many homes that have DIY jobs that would make you cringe, whether on aesthetic or safety grounds. Sometimes both.

      I reprinted the article because it represents a useful cautionary warning. There are some things which a homeowner should not attempt. There are others which a homeowner should attempt only after serious research regarding materials and technique and serious soul searching about their real abilities, because in most cases, nothing is as easy as it looks.

      Simply put, a pro will ALWAYS do a better job than an amateur. As a window covering installer, I had expensive and specialized tools in order to make my work both easier and better. A DIY-er would simply not own such tools, nor would it be feasible to buy them. That does not include the skill and knowledge levels I had from thousands of jobs, which a DIY-er simply could not possess.

      Trust me. Nothing is as easy as it looks. I believe that this article gives fair warning before attempting something outside one’s comfort or skill levels.

      It’s unfortunate that Fox Business and the author left no provision for comments. Obviously, I did.

      As for POS… I know POS to mean “Point of Sale” (far and away the most common meaning). I see another which has a less common defintion; “Public Opinion Strategy”. Perhaps that’s what you meant.

      In any case, I am no fan of Fox News, business or otherwise. But I did feel that the article was useful based on my own knowledge and experience. Thus, you found it here.


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