7 thoughts on ““On The Floor”, by Jennifer Lopez: Unattributed Melody

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  2. nice detective work. i went looking for this because, get this, an ice cream truck in my neighbourhood plays this melody. i figured he hadn’t downloaded a j-blow ringtone. thanks for clearing it up.


    • Thanks for your kind comments. I knew there was a rip-off/sample/homage/plagiarism somewhere in this tune as soon as I heard it. I’m gratified that you feel I did you a small public service.



  3. Now it’s just plastic music.. pick up a not well known good song, tweek it a bit, modern sonds, computer style and not played by real musicians and with unmeaningful lyrics.. e really hate this music..

    ourofuheriuhfr on the floor,
    iuhriuhfriuehf on the floor,
    oijrofiejrfoiejroijr on the floor…..


  4. it is true, Kaoma’s group was very popular in Brazil in late 80’s …
    I remember listening to this music in California and I said it to my friend… heyyy J-Lo copied the melody from a Brazilian song hahah, but I didn’t even know that Kaoma had copied from a Bolivian group LOLLL … btw I’m Brazilian :P


  5. To be honest, 99% of music is borrowed, it’s just whether you decide to call it “stolen” or “inspired/influenced.” The remaining 1% is brushed under the rug and labeled weird or hipster, only to be dug up by music execs 10 years later. That’s just how things go.


    • It is true that there is very little new under the sun, but there is a difference between “inspired/influenced” and stolen or licensed.

      Many composers — even great ones — ‘steal’ from their own previous work. (James Horner is one of the more notorious for that. Listen to scores from “Aliens 2” and “Wrath of Khan” or “Battle Beyond the Stars”.) Other composers have ‘sounds’ which are recognizeable. (Bernard Herrmann and Danny Elfman, for two.)

      Then there is ‘sampling”, which (IMHO) is simply a form of creative bankruptcy masquerading a ‘homage’.

      In the case of “On The Floor”, the melody is a straight ‘lift’, which if not licensed is stolen.

      All of which is of course in my humble opinion.



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