3 thoughts on “You watch, we decide what (Harris County, TX Edition)

  1. Paul Basista

    Good report. Makes me wonder what the “deal” was that Fox offered and where else in the country are they inserting themselves in this illegitimate way.


  2. Manolo

    This is just a classic example of, ‘we’ll do it our way until made to do it differently’! Fred King and all the tax offices alike are obligated to follow the directives of Don Sumners who apparently made the ultimate decision to have TV’s in the tax offices tune in to Fox (NOT) News because “they gave them the best deal”. What, praytell, was the ‘best deal’? Or was there ever a deal?
    I agree that in a govenment office there should not be a TV tuned on a channel that has, by its own admission, indicated to be biased! That is unfair to all who have to enter those premises to do business. But to change this requires an election but until then…………. we’ll do it our way and let the public be damned.



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