1 thought on “ARTICLES/VIDEO: “Cop Punches Special Needs Girl In The Face, Threatens Iraq Veteran For Recording It (VIDEO)”, and “A Cop’s Response…”

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    Karen T. commented on A Cop’s Response To A Special Needs Girl Punched In The Face By A Cop: A Perspective From Behind The Blue Wall.
    in response to addictinginfo:

    When force is necessary, it SHOULD be minimal, that is only to the degree necessary to gain compliance and restore order.

    Not taking anything away from the officer that wrote this, but he even said that many/most LEOs in the U.S. aspire to this level of excellence. And we should be proud of that, in these days of budget cuts and ever longer hours, always trying to do more with less. You always hear about the ones who screw-up in one way or another, yet that is but a tiny segment of the greater whole. Everybody has heard about this, but how many have heard of the two Pottawatomie County, OK Reserve Deputy Sheriffs killed while responding to a serious incident when a driver pulling a long lowboy trailer attempted an illegal U-turn.* Anybody? I used to be on the job, and I’ve seen a lot of things. We all have, or will. Trust me, it’s that sense of professionalism that keeps us going. The knowledge that you, the taxpayer, expect us to do this job day after day. And we will, to the best of our abilities and sometimes beyond. Want to know more? Take a look at this website: The Officer Down Memorial Page. http://www.odmp.org/ Take a look on the home page at the 2012 Fatalities. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at how many officers have died in less than two weeks into 2012. There are a few bad apples in the barrel, but I doubt any profession is perfect. Just remember that the vast majority come to work every day, put in their 8-10-12 hour shifts and go home to their families. Just like y’all do. First and foremost, we are human beings. Sometimes we bring our homelife to work with us; far more often we take it home with us. How many of you can truly say that your biggest concern at work is whether or not you’ll be alive to go home? I hope I’ve given y’all something to think about. For more on the two deputies I mentioned, see here: http://www.odmp.org/officer/20988-reserve-deputy-sheriff-tim-lowry



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