2 thoughts on “Thinkwing Radio, New Shows: April 11 and May 29. Details below.

  1. Randall Jacobs

    I would be highly interested in knowing the professor’s political affiliations, and those of his close colleagues, and whether their personal investment portfolios include any direct energy holdings and/or speculative. Aside from the prior, I would like to know he stands with regards to the reported (and disputed) effects of fracking…


    1. ThinkWingRadio Post author

      Those are mostly fair questions. I’m not, however, going to do background checks on the political or philosophical predispositions of Professor Hirs’s close colleagues.

      Also, keep in mind that I’ll interviewing him. This show will not be a PSA for oil and gas.

      Professor Hirs has past and present associations with the oil and gas industry. My understanding of his views from our first chat are as follows: His views on fracking are mixed. He favors the XL Pipeline, but his reasons are not the usual political or petro-industry boilerplate, and are therefore interesting. He favors alternative energy sources and increased energy efficiency as well as continuing use of carbon-based fuels, at least until we can change over to something else. He favors CO2 sequestration technologies.

      Professor Hirs has Bachelors and Masters degrees from Yale. My sense is that he’s a smart, personable, well-informed, complex man with the complex views one might expect of such a man. The subject itself is Byzantinely complex. That’s why I want to begin exploring it from unusual directions.

      I would be interested in, and Prof. Hirs would be amenable to, another expert with differing views on the same show. I’m seeing if I can manage that.

      In the meantime, below is some bio info on Professor Hirs. You can find more by searching “Ed Hirs”. I also hope to get some more information on these related topics from him, and post them prior to airing the show.

      Ed Hirs ’79, ’79 MA, ’81 MBA (http://www.regonline.com/builder/site/tab3.aspx?EventID=781359)

      Ed Hirs is the chief financial officer of DJ Resources, Inc., an independent oil and gas producer in Houston. His experience in energy includes co-founding an independent power producer, and corporate finance projects with companies in energy services, manufacturing, and emissions reduction technology.

      Ed has thirty years’ consulting experience for public and private companies, including Fortune 500, Forbes 500 Private and INC 500 listed corporations, encompasses transactions; management; valuations and securities analysis; and corporate governance. Industries include energy, medical devices, software, defense, financial services, consumer goods, and agriculture.

      While a student at Yale, Ed worked with Mobil and the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Conservation and Solar Energy. He teaches the undergraduate course Economics of Energy at the University of Houston where he has lectured with the Department of Economics since 1988. He has the CFA designation and is a Chartered Surveyor.

      Ed is an Associate Fellow of Timothy Dwight College. He has been a member of the Alumni Schools Committee since 1982; the Class of 1979’s Reunion Chair for the 20th, 25th and 30th Reunions; AYA Assembly representative and member of the AYA Board of Governors for 2002 through 2005. Ed chaired the Alumni Fellow Nominating Committee in 2005.



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