2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “Al Nakba” an Al-Jazeera production, in an open letter to Al-Jazeera America

  1. joseph

    My first knowledge of the israeli-palestinian conflict Came from this documentary and i must say i can identify with this post with regards to the choice of music. However,this Issue is far too complex to be reduced to production details. P.s please what is the title of the music score?


    1. ThinkWingRadio Post author

      As a TV/Movie score aficionado, I’ll answer your last question first. According to IMDB.com (Al-Nakba (2008)), sadly, there is no ‘crew’ listing, so musical score is not credited. In such cases, the music is usually drawn from music libraries and attribution typically is not given.

      As to your main comment, I don’t disagree. And based on the portions I saw, the history isn’t essentially wrong. For balance, however, you should also look up the roots of Zionism, and the treatment of Jews over the centuries which led up to it. Just type “Zionism” into Google.

      The reason that I picked on the musical choices is that music in a film is, for most people, subliminal. It’s the same reason I object to background scoring in political commercials and news programs. The music makes an editorial or political statement that goes beyond words, yet is not truly quotable, and impacts viewers’ perceptions in ways of which they are usually unaware.

      For pure entertainment, I love musical scoring and wish that most of it was better. Since before I was 5 years old, I remember walking out of movie theaters or finishing TV shows and humming the main themes. So, being so aware of the background cues and music, I’m particularly sensitive to what I recognize as very subtle emotional manipulation.

      I hope I have not rambled too much, and have given you at least an adequate response to your comments.

      Thanks for writing.


      It’s not so different from the musical background you experience in supermarkets or other stores. It is intended to make you relaxed so that you will stay and shop more. (There’s nothing that will get you out of a store faster than an absence of background shopping music.)



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