Having E-Mail Synch Issues with Outlook 2010? Try This Download and Solution

I’ve been having a frustrating problem with my IMAP/MAPI email connector from Outlook 2010 to MSN/Hotmail/Outlook.com since about Oct. 26-28, 2014. I can receive mail from MAPI, but cannot send. For sending I have to use POP3. This is a really awkward work-around.

From my searches, this appears to be a very common issue, and there is no definitive solution I can find. If you know of an effective fix for this problem, please let me know ASAP. I’ll do the same here if I learn of a ‘fix’ that does the job.

As of 11/13/2014, the most recent version I can find of the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector is Ver. 14.0.6123.5001. (The tricky part is that when you go to Properties/Details, it says Ver. 14.0.6119.5001, but when you install it, Control Panel/Programs and Features claims it’s Ver. 14.0.6123.5001. (Outlook 2013 does not require this connector, so it’s entirely possible that this 2012 update is the last they made.)

I suggest that you DO NOT try to ‘repair’ your existing connector.

The suggested fix is to close Outlook; remove the version of Outlook Connector you’re using now (using Control Panel/Programs and Features), and install this newest version (link below). Open Control Panel/Programs and check the version. Then open Outlook and see if it fixes your problem.

I just tried this, and it stops giving me error messages, but still doesn’t send email from MAPI. But it may help you, so I post it here.

I’ve included an ‘open’ link, so you know it’s officially Microsoft.

Use an Outlook.com account in Outlook


To use an Outlook.com account (formerly Hotmail) together with Microsoft Outlook 2010 [or 2003 or 2007], you must first install the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector.

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