“Xpress witih Dr. X” on KAMU-FM in College Station, TX: I make a 35 minute ‘guest appearance’, April 25, 2017

Last Tuesday (April 25, 2017) at about 8 PM CT, I was driving up to Bryan-College Station for some business and happened to hear the beginning of the show “Xpress with Dr. X, M.D” Radio show` on KAMU-FM, a service of Texas A&M University. I’m not often moved to call in to radio shows, but he started with stories about some email problems he recently had and then got into Trump, so you know I had to call. They picked up my line as I was around the corner from my destination, so I had to stop. I’m usually the radio host these days, so calling in is a different kind of fun for me.

The pick up my call at the 20:40 mark, but you might want to start about 5-10 minutes before that so you can hear his email story and get some context.

Apr 25, 2017 Xpress with Dr. X, M.D. 303nd Program – Ethics of using social media to publicly attach people and financial implications of doing so. The ethics of Medical Errors are the number 3 cause of U.S. deaths, Ethics of marrying an Amnesiac.

Listen   /   Stream


My “interview” begins at 20:40


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