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  1. ShonSpawner

    I’m faced with a problem. I can not find a driver for my PC(Samsung).
    There are a lot of viruses or doesn’t work at all or more,they want me to make a paid subscription.Help.


    1. Thinkwing Radio Post author

      That’s rather outside of my best expertise, but I would do this: record the precise make and model and serial number of
      your computer (not just the name on top, but the model number on the sticker underneath that also has the serial number).

      On a fully functional computer, go to the Samsung website and look up computer support.

      There will probably be a link to download all the original OEM drivers for your machine.

      Make sure you have a storage medium with you large enough to save it, as it will likely be at least hundreds of MBs.

      A free antivirus I use is Ad-Aware. Windows’ native antivirus is also not bad. I use them together. MalwareBytes also has a good reputation.

      All the above imho.

      Let me know how you do.




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