1 thought on “Mon, 7/8/2019, 3PM (CT) #KPFTHouston 90.1FM. POSSIBLE TOPICS: Voter Info, Dem Debates, 2020 Census and Lege, Campaign Workers of Color, SCOTUS on Gerrymandering, AOC v GOP on ‘Bartending’, SCOTUS Obamacare Dispute, Russia v Ukraine Sailors, FedEx v Amazon, Russia v 2020, Maine Immigrants of Color, Kellyanne Conway v Hatch Act, India’s blowout election a lesson for US Dems, Anti-Semitism Rises Anew in Europe, More. GUESTS: Callers [AUDIO/VIDEO]

  1. Pingback: Weds, Mar. 22+23, 2023, Weds.11 AM & Thurs 6PM (CT). TOPICS: VOTETEXAS.GOV — Voter Info; How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline (CODA); “Y’all tryna take our community”: Parents share their outrage during first public meeting over Houst

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