1 thought on “Mon, 6/1/2020, 3PM (CT) #KPFTHouston 90.1FM. POSSIBLE TOPIC(s): Voting Info, July 15 Tax Deadline, SpaceX’s historic Demo-2 Crew Dragon astronaut launch, How Democracies Control the Military – Can it apply to policing?, CAPTURED COURTS – The GOP’s Big Money Assault On The Constitution, The Federalist Society has lied about its mission, Republicans are realizing the crisis is pulling them toward disaster, MORE. Guest: [AUDIO/VIDEO]

  1. Pingback: Mon, August 17, 2020, 3PM (CT) @KPFTHouston 90.1FM. POSSIBLE TOPIC(s): VOTER INFO, VOTING FAQ, ADVANTAGES OF A DEPRESSIVE PERSONALITY IN THE ERA OF TRUMP, Trump Says He Will Protect Cops Who Attack Protesters: ‘You Gotta Be Able to Fight’, NYP

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