1 thought on “Mon, 7/6/2020, 3PM (CT) #KPFTHouston 90.1FM. POSSIBLE TOPIC(s): July 14 Primary Runoff Elections, July 15 Tax Deadline, Brain imaging predicts Alzheimer’s-related memory loss, How Covid-19 is changing children, Alabama GOP Senate primary runoff [on July 14th] with [Jeff] Sessions, Why Do the Rich Have So Much Power?, Soft despotism by Alexis de Tocqueville, The Spoils system and why we have a United States federal civil service, MORE. Guest: [AUDIO/VIDEO]

  1. Pingback: Mon, Feb. 1, 2021, 3PM (CT). POSSIBLE TOPICS: Voting info; “Vote By Mail” apps; TX DMV announces 4/13 end date for waiver of vehicle title, registration; Bellaire roundup: Council sets date for consensus facilitation firm, refers specifications review

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