2 thoughts on “Mon, April 19 & 26, 2021, 3PM (CT). TOPICS: James Berk “Jim” Henley – October 7, 1947 to April 14, 2021; Voting and Tax Info; Vehicle Registration Self-Incrimination; West U council OKs $1.7 million for Virtual Gate second phase; League City agrees to land swap with Friendswood; Harris County supports creation of new criminal district court to tackle case backlog; No grace period to follow end of statewide waiver for vehicle title, registration; Texas House approves bill that would allow people to carry a gun without a license; Ted Cruz among a small number of Republicans opposing bill to address hate crimes against Asian Americans; Maxine Waters: Jim Jordan was mistreating Dr. Fauci, panel; Mary Mallon (1869-1938) and the history of typhoid fever; U.S. drops plans to send destroyers into the Black Sea due to concerns over Russia; UK warships to sail for Black Sea in May as Ukraine-Russia tensions rise- Sunday Times; SO, WHAT’S GOING ON HERE? Ukraine, Russia, Crimea, etc.; Biden’s Russia pipeline dilemma; How Dependent Is Germany On Russian Gas?; More. Guest: [AUDIO/VIDEO] #KPFTHouston 90.1FM

    1. Thinkwing Radio Post author

      Yes. I quoted it heavily and also linked to it. I also added my own thoughts and my step-daughter’s.

      Jim was a unique person. The world is a richer place for his time here.



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