1 thought on “Weds, July 7, 2021, 11 AM (CT). TOPICS: Voting Info; Riders will soon have access to free Wi-Fi systemwide on METRO vehicles; Harris County establishes flood resilience trust …; Cy-Fair restaurant owners struggle to fill job openings; Home construction accelerates in Cy-Fair’s remaining open land tracts; State Rep. Dan Huberty [R-District 127] reflects on 87th legislative session, Texas public education; Allen West announces he is running against Gov. Greg Abbott in Republican primary; Texans with disabilities fear voting will get harder for them as special session on GOP restrictions nears; Democrats mull options for special session, including another walkout; Hobby Lobby advocates for a Christian-run government in Independence Day ads placed in many national newspapers; European powers warn Iran over enriched uranium metal production; US withdrawal from Afghanistan is more than 90% complete, Pentagon says; The Arctic Threat That Must Not be Named; Marine heatwaves are human-made; How humans are altering the tides of the oceans; Is There a Black Hole in Our Backyard?; More. [AUDIO/VIDEO] #KPFTHouston 90.1 HD2

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