1 thought on “Weds, Mar. 29+30, 2023, Weds.11 AM & Thurs 6PM (CT). TOPICS: VOTETEXAS.GOV — Voter Info; TOPICS: REGISTER TO VOTE; APPLY FOR MAIL-IN BALLOT; Last day to register is the end of April 6th; 2023 Houston mayoral election; Top Republicans balk at Trump highlighting Jan. 6 rioters, calling it politically unwise; House Republican summarizes party’s response to rampant school shootings: “We’re not gonna fix it.” … said Rep. Tim Burchett; The Federalist Society Isn’t Quite Sure About Democracy Anymore; A REUTERS SPECIAL REPORT — U.S. and China wage war beneath the waves – over internet cables; Denmark invites Nord Stream operator to help salvage unidentified object; Inch by Bloody Inch in Ukraine War, Russia Is Closing In on Bakhmut (“I would alternate through what might be described as manic-depressive swings, joking around one moment and being on the verge of tears the next. This could happen multiple times per hour.”); More. ; MORE. [AUDIO/VIDEO] @KPFTHoustonTX 90.1 FM-HD2

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