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"And WHO are you?" asks The Caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland." Hmmmm. A right-brained Brooklyn girl who, when other kids would ask, "WHAT are you???" always answered "I am a citizen of the universe." (Of course now I realize that's a pretty deep answer for an 8 ...or a 98...year old.) I've been a fashion illustrator who cared nothing for fashion; an actor who couldn't face playing one more hooker/stripper/junkie ("They" said it was the curls and the complexion. whatEVER!); a writer who...oh - THAT'S RIGHT! That's where dreams (finally) collide. Underneath all those other dreams was always the magic and adoration of words...and ephemera! Now, a cartoon-strewn book on marrying yourself (using acting techniques), a daily-encouragement book based on quotes from Nichiren Buddhism, and an illustrated catalogue of "Dazzling Divas, Dames, Damsels and their Miss Cellaneous Ms. Adventures" later, the skills and loves I thought I'd shed or lost have all blended together. I'm curious about everything, eclectic to an ADD-level about any bright and shiny bauble of information that crosses my path.