3 thoughts on “Jon Stewart: Crisis In The Dairy Land/Greedy Teachers [Show Excerpt]

  1. ThinkWingRadio Post author

    From Steve Sisko: “Are you serious? ha ha ha..fuggin ha!

    Weiner wants a waiver! What don’t you understand about that little man?

    DinkWing Radio…that’s for sure!

    Too bad you Demoncraps are going down where you belong!

    Have a nice time paying taxes to support the dumb ass demoncrap agenda your boys is pushing

    Steve S.
    Not hiding…now you have my email and can easily know who I am


    1. ThinkWingRadio Post author

      Clearly, Steve, aside from being rude and vulgar and clearly ignorant, you also have highly selective hearing.

      What Weiner said was that he would seek a waiver from Obamacare for New York if he could figure out ways to provide equal benefits more cheaply or additional benefits for the same costs.

      Your diatribe is eqivalent to getting angry because your state wants to increase your wages above the federal government’s mandate. (“What?! Pay me more? Who do you think you are?!”)

      Perhaps if you had been less brainwashed by Fox (“We distort, you decide”)News, you might have actually listened to his words instead of Fox’s distortion of what he said.

      Think for yourself. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.



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