11 thoughts on “Matter, Energy, Vacuum, Gravity: What if we have it all kind of backwards?

  1. I like it, interesting thoughts. Reminds of something simliar i read a while back… i think it had something to do with string theory but i do recall another author offering a different perspective on gravity. I was a little puzzled that I found this under the humor tag…


  2. so how dows hawkings say it ALL came from nothing!! that begs the question who made the universe an the vacuum an where did the particles originate if there all eventually swallowed up by that vacuum.can an unconcious universe with no conscience create concious living beings with a concscience.


    • You’re asking key existential questions.

      Since at least my college days, I’ve looked at it this way: God is a fallback position for not understanding, and it only displaces the question. If an intelligence is required to create the Universe as we see it, you simply defer the question to, “Where did that intelligence come from?”

      It’s always okay to admit you don’t know the answer to something, but keep an open mind. If you don’t know the answer, but create a ‘guess’ as the answer instead, aren’t you simply denying yourself the possibility of ever knowing?

      Deep thoughts….


      • ok,if gravity created the universe then its a thing,matter or whatever,it had to have a beginning.whatever starts to exist had to have a cause.time itself is matter in motion.we know that entropy will eventually will take over an the universe will be no more.again then where did the universe come from.the only reasonable answer is an all powerful being outside of this space an time is responsible! an after checking the evidence of the bible i have found my answers in the god of the bible.its the only book that spans many many years an it spells out the whys an whats of mans existence in my humble opiniion of course.there is just to much design an purpose as i ponder the universe.an how is it that we can see our own universe an understand many of its laws.these laws are irrivocable an complex so how did they come about! we are a tiny miniscule dot in our galaxy at exactly the right place to see all the glory of the heavens.can life come from non life.no way.thats a stretch beyond an credulity.ill never belive that we living beings with a real conscience came all about by chance.an what about good an evil,is that too random chance.


  3. I like your explanations for two reasons. First they make sense of our observations of the universe. Secondly you do this in a way that most of us can understand. But where does the energy come from to supply the push of vacuum on matter. Could it be the same force that is driving the expansion of space or Dark Energy?


    • Well, if we’re going to speculate…

      If vacuum is itself a form of ‘anti-energy’ (perhaps some kind of weak anti-force), that can be the germ of a notion. In my VERY limited, VERY lay knowledge of quantum physics, particles and anti-particles are thought to constantly be spontaneously generated and mutually annihiliated in space. Perhaps this process is ‘pushing’ vacuum constantly outward.

      In the Star Trek universe, our galaxy is surrounded by an energy barrier that is in the visible part of the spectrum, but undetectable with (and extemely damaging to) instrumentation. It made for good drama, but wouldn’t it be funny if Roddenberry was actually on to something?


  4. Funny. I just Googled an idea I got in bus today: “…is gravity pressure of vacuum…”. So, Im not first to think about that. Somehow, ‘pushing’ feels more realisting than ‘pulling by exchange of gravitons’ or ‘space curvature’.


    • It’s a crazy idea, but hey … the notion of “Plate Tectonics” — that the Earth’s crust is made up of separate moving segments — took about 30 years to be accepted, and that theory was proposed by a geologist with real credentials.


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