OCCUPY HOUSTON, October 7th, 2011

#OccupyWallSt has grown, and it’s coming to a city or town near you.

If you live in or near Houston, Texas, the organizational web site is: http://occupyhouston.org/.

Click on the link to get latest info, but be sure to scroll down.

Following is a recent excerpt. There is more on the actual site.

October 7th, 2011 · Cassie · Announcements One comment

Oct. 6th General Assembly Minutes

1st Agenda Item:
-Call for proposals
-SE of park are about 6 porta potties for night use
-Hyatt hotel also has bathrooms

2nd Agenda Item:
-call for count of overnight occupiers counted by stackers

3rd Agenda item:
-overnight occupiers: where do we go tomorrow afternoon?

Melissa – talked w/ Bayou City Arts Festival – rep. has proposal to march tomorrow to Eleanor Tinsley park or Market Square Park during rush hour tomorrow

-prop for Eleanor Tinsley park -ACCEPTED

Andrew B. : Will be discussing justice and equality

Mary F.: Discussing divesting from health insurance

-new movement to divest from health insurance industry because they are preventing people from getting health care.
-Call for socially responsible investors to divest from insurance industry.
-More info @ healthcarenow.org

Proposal to march down Westheimer to River Oaks, down B Speedway to ABC2 -not accepted

Question: What time to March

*sprinkler disruption*

Proposal to start at 4pm

-Call for Johnny Powell

-Call for Teresa A.

-KPFT 90.1 FM is local station, use it

-Call for Kevin L. (occupation solidarity)
Wants to express support and solidarity between other TX occupy movements

-Call for Chris Blalock

-Call for Carlos
No need to occupy sidewalk because we’re going to Eleanor Tinsley

-Call for Miguel

-Call for Deedee A. (unfair tax)

-Replaced by community farm speaker
Wants urban farming everywhere
Invite to free festival
Last organicoutpost.com
Nov, 5th 711 N. Emil St.

Corporate corruption of democracy in Houston
Valard demanding HISD pay back $10 million in taxes

-Proposal to occupy HISD next Thurs. 13th

-Call for Denise
Thanks for solidarity

Hugh J – Tell others & bring more people

Announcement :
-Leaving from here to Eleanor Tinsley
-New GA meeting 7PM @ Eleanor Tinsley

-Vanessa E.
From Woodlands HS
Protesting army recruiting at her high school

-Jesus W.
Supports capitalism
Should not bail out “too big to fail” institutions

Students are in debt but corporations get bailed out.

-Eric D
$1 is more than 2/3 of American corporations paid last year.
Search for occupation Wall St.grievances so you know what to tell media

Jon 1993 on b-day Alabama
Cops planted drugs in his car

Need citizen oversight of police brutality
14/1239, prosecutions for brutality
22k signatures would put independent oversight on referendum ballot
Proposal for Occupy Houston to endorse – ACCEPTED

Scott speaks regarding logistics

Think about hygiene. (No proposals)

Even though some of us have jobs this movement is important because corporations are still acting unethical

-John Banks
tellmygov.com (social network)

End of stack

-volunteer teams please come forward for tomorrow’s agenda
-call for volunteers
-must leave right at 4pm
-GA @ Eleanor Tinsley @ 7pm
-Austin occupation hit >5k tonight


Mayor confirms right of OccupyHouston to occupy Hermann Square, yet demonstrators are being told otherwise

October 6th, 2011 · Cassie · Announcements One comment

UPDATE: as of 4:45PM Occupy Houston was told by HPD that we will NOT be kicked out of Hermann Square Plaza tonight.

On October 5th Mayor Parker announced that Occupy Houston could NOT be evicted from Hermann Square Plaza, yet today demonstrators were told by HPD’s Criminal Intelligence Division that any occupiers would be kicked out at 7pm or face arrest. The video below shows the mayor clearly issuing the order that Occupy Houston CANNOT be evicted. Start watching at 1:20.

Video | News | Weather | Sports

Occupy Houston is currently talking with local media in the hopes we can get good coverage of what is looking to be a showdown. COME OUT!

We need everyone at Hermann Square Plaza NOW! Come out come out!


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