2 thoughts on “OCCUPY HOUSTON, October 22nd, 2011, At TRANQUILITY PARK (Bagby & Walker, or Bagby & Rusk St.)

  1. jeff

    Ok I would first like to say I’m glad people are finally trying to stand up for what they believe in it takes courage to have a voice in these hard times. Now I fully support the good intentions of the protest and I hope everyone knows that just because maybe a few people in the group have other motives and bad intention that its unfair to hold everyone responsible doing so makes you just as guilty as the people you are protesting about. I am a father of 5 I’m happily married and have been in law enforcement since I made it home from Iraq last year. Just like everyone here I think the system is broken and unjust but is it fair to dislike all officers just because there are a few bad ones and just because we work for the govt???? I am struggling like everyone else I lost my home while I was fighting a war and losing friends and for what? freedom? Civil liberties? For my God given rights?……. I dont think so we were stuck fighting a war with a political agenda and that makes me sick to know all the lives lost and families destroyed was in vein!!! I was injured and almost died to wake up from a coma to find out my family had lost our home for no reason we were foreclosed on for fraudulent reasons so I completely understand the frustration and anger towards the government but please think about the fact that even tho I wear a badge I am still just doing a job to survive and most officers feel just like the protesters and support the cause for change… So please before putting all of us on the chopping block remember we are in the 99% also and we want change. thank you for your time and understanding and please don’t reply with anger and hate and bash me for my job for I am just as hurt and worried about surviving as anyone else.
    Thank you and GOD BLESS!!!!!!


    1. ThinkWingRadio Post author

      Jeff,, Thanks for commenting. I’m totally on your side. That’s why I’ve written the comments I have about #Occupy (particularly in Houston) staying focused and keeping their eyes on the ball.

      I agree that a few out-of-control cops should not be seen as representative of all cops. There are always a few bad apples. That’s why the ‘police brutality’ demonstration bothers me. Cops are mostly working stiffs like the rest of us. Theyt have a job to do, and most cops do that job with as much integrity as they can. Blanket indictments of police actions does the movement no good.

      We all have our political agendas and grievances. Mine may not be yours, and yours may not be someone else’s. Because that’s the case, it’s absolutely imperative that we stick with what’s substantially agreed upon: Economic fairness, electoral honesty, reducing the disproportionate political power of big corporations and the rich, and electing people who agree with those propositions.

      Thanks for your service in Iraq, and particularly thanks for keeping yourself in harm’s way to protect us here at him.

      Know that most of us deeply appreciate it.




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