Duetto buffo di due gatti (“Humorous duet for two cats”) [VIDEOS]

The internet today is like looking something up in the Encyclopaedia Britannica used to be. You begin by searching for information on some obscure or famous battle or person or … something, and you end up browsing the thing like a catalog.

So it was when I was looking for information on foods dangerous to cats. I found a lot of information on that, but I also found these. They’re really funny and cute. By the way, the hard part was probably learning the lyric in Italian (“miau”).

There are more variations on the theme below the break, some quite creative. There is also a link to some background on the musical piece. Enjoy.

If you are interested in more detail about any individual performance, you can click on the Youtube link and find it there.

From Wikipedia: The Duetto buffo di due gatti (“humorous duet for two cats”) is a popular performance piece for two sopranos which is often performed as a concert encore. The “lyrics” are somewhat unusual, consisting entirely of the repeated word “miau” (“meow“). <MORE>

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