Overheard on the Flight Deck of the USS George H.W. Bush [VIDEO]

I hate to totally lift a piece from somewhere else, but whether the conversation below actually happened or not, it’s a joke with a punch line and has to be read with continuity.

The setting is a test flight of a fighter-sized unmanned aircraft — dubbed the X-47B — doing touch-and-go landings on the aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush. The POV seems to be two F-18 pilots flying CAP or observation over the carrier. The conversation is below the photo. The video of the test is below that.

Some more info on the X-47B is here. The original article is here.

PUFF OF HISTORY: With the smoke puffs created when its wheels touch the flight deck, the unmanned X-47B conducted its first “touch-and-go landing op” last Friday.

SOMEWHERE IN THE ATLANTIC, Friday, May 17 [2013]:

F-18 #1: You know, they say these things can really fly.

F-18 #2: Yea…you see ‘em launch one a couple days ago?

#1: You bet…it was awesome!

[X-47B passes overhead with a roar.]

#2: It even sounds like a jet!

#1: It is a jet…

#2: Do you think it might ever replace us?

#1: No way… Pilots! Top Gun! No way!

[X-47B performs its first-ever touch-and-go landing on the  Bush’s flight deck.]

#2: Ever have one of those days when you feel like  a…biplane?

Read more: http://nation.time.com/2013/05/20/overheard-on-the-flight-deck-of-the-uss-george-h-w-bush/#ixzz2hmI9ocTV


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