11 thoughts on “David Fowler, Radio Talk Show Host: Gone But Not Forgotten, Part 2

    1. Angus Shull

      Hello Beverly I just ran across your post. I loved listening to David and was one of his little Froggies. If at all possible I would love to be able to hear the banana suit story again.

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  1. Don

    Fowler was great. Loved him at PLOP and then FLA. Miss he and Lassiter greatly. One of my favorite Fowler stories is when he would leave his house guests and go into the toilet, where he would pour a 5 gal bucket of water into the toilet.

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      1. nodsivad

        When he was going to be having friends over to the Humble Hut, he would put a 5 gal bucket of water in the bathtub and pull the shower curtain closed. Later in the night after some drinks, he would excuse himself to the bathroom where he would empty that 5 gal bucket into the toilet. He would come out and say something about how intense and involved his process had been, knowing that they had heard the water going into the toilet. It seemed like typical Fowler when he told it. Thanks for keeping his memory alive.

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  2. Dave Fowler

    I’m his first son. He was married a few times! :) He left our family pretty early. I met him one more time in Houston when he was in his 40’s and I was 21. I sat in the studio during one of his broadcasts and it was a pretty special moment. I have such an odd collection of memories from that visit. He and Rayetta had these two crazy Siamese cats. There was an atrium in his house and a bird flew in, but was trapped by the netting above the atrium. Those cats were leaping six feet into the air and had the bird in just a minute or so. Another image from that time was of Rayetta’s legs hanging over the side of his little sports car as he took my girlfriend and me out for Mexican. Shortly after my visit he moved and I never connected with him again. I have no photos of him. Just memories from that one visit. I had no idea it would be the last time I saw him. It’s really nice to read that he had many fans.

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    1. ThinkWingRadio Post author

      Hey Dave,

      Thanks so much for writing. I know as well as anyone that family gets complicated when it starts to blend and re-blend.

      I try to as much as I can to emulate your dad’s relaxed and personal style when I’m on the air. He made a powerful impression on me during the few years I was able to listen to him in Houston.

      Your dad was a great, one-of-a-kind radio man, and he is remembered and missed.

      Stay in touch,

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  3. jim perry

    remodeled humble hut bath room 31 years ago shared 30th birthday with davids wife he got buzzed on beer and tomato juice great guy lassiter fell off roof and broke leg

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