4 thoughts on ““Why should I …”, by Craig Hardegree (on FaceBook, 10/13/2017)

  1. garybfitzgerald

    You should devote a show to the influence of religion on politics today. It would be pretty interesting. You could have our favorite Atheist, Geoff Berg, on as a guest.
    I am not religious but I have studied Theology and comparative religions and what perplexes me is that those who identify most closely with the Bible completely either miss or overlook how remarkably Trump conforms to the description of the Antichrist in the books of Matthew and Revelations, from the love of Mammon to the destruction of God’s work. The great deceiver, the divider, etc., etc. Go figure. You should talk about this irony.


    1. Thinkwing Radio Post author

      Religion comes up on the show from time to time for different reasons. I’m not sure I want to do a show ON religion; whose minds will I change?

      Possibly one day I might do a show on comparative religion studies. That could be interesting.


  2. garybfitzgerald

    P.S. Just FYI, I am a Taoist.
    Like I mentioned one time, I ascribe to the W.C.Fields philosophy of politics: “A little of both, my dear…a little of both.” (Yin/Yang).



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