7 thoughts on “#Thinkwing: Mon, 10/9/2017, 9PM @KPFTHouston 90.1FM. TOPICS: Fall FunDrive, Elections & Voting, Harvey Weinstein, more. GUEST: OPEN FORUM [AUDIO/VIDEO]

  1. garybfitzgerald

    Well, I wish we had bet money because if we had I will probably win. I told you a month or two ago that the DIC (Dotard in Chief) would be gone by Christmas. Getting closer!! 😁



  2. garybfitzgerald

    According to everything I’ve been reading that’s the thing nobody can figure out. Why are the Republicans committing suicide?


    1. Thinkwing Radio Post author

      In my mind, this becomes an “Occam’s Razor” question.

      I suspect that the simplest answer is that the ‘komprimat’ runs deep into the Republican Party. Democrats don’t run on a “family values” platform that judges personal failings. Republicans are therefore much more susceptible to various sorts of blackmail based on their “do what I say, not what I do” public personas.

      This is the simplest explanation for why they leave Trump in power when Pence would be a much more effective president for accomplishing their mean-spirited and oppressive aims.




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