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Movie Review: “Defending Your Life (1991)”: A Different ‘Take’ On The Afterlife

Defending Your Life (1991)

This is a surprising little movie. You start to love it before you realize you much like it.Most movies depicting Heaven or Hell are about judging whether you lived a good life or a bad one. “Defending Your Life” is different, in that you are judged as to whether you lived a courageous life of your beliefs and convictions, or a cowardly life where you knew the right thing to do but failed to act out of fear.It’s never laugh-out-loud funny, but always light and amusing.The thing that makes this movie special is the insidious way it makes you start to judge your own life: Did you ask the boss for that well-deserved raise? Did you stand up to the school bully? Did you ever ask out that girl you had a crush on?

Danny dies in a stupid accident. (Are there any smart ones?) He wakes up in Judgement City and finds love there, but will he win her? Does he deserve her? Will they be separated for eternity because of Danny’s lack of personal courage?

Well-supported by a memorable, catchy, businesslike (in a good way) and very un-Heavenly musical score by Michael Gore, this is a movie to watch with someone for the discussion you’ll likely want to have after viewing it.