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SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: Sept. 18, 2013, The 100 Year Star Ship Symposium

SHOW AUDIO: Start at 1m17s, [https://thinkwingradio.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/kpfthd3_2013-09-18_100-year-star-ship-symposium.mp3]

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This weekend (Sept 19-22, 2013) Houston will be hosting this year’s 100 Year Star Ship (100YSS) Symposium. Anyone who is interested may attend. To discuss it, my tentatively scheduled guests are former NASA astronaut and founder of the 100YSS, Dr. Mae Jemison, along with Dr. Karl Aspelund. Dr. Aspelund is a textile professor who won a grant to research recyclable sustainable clothing such as might be needed on a 30-year space mission where water and clothing are limited (Yes, the Final Frontier includes laundry); And Mae Jemison, first woman of color in space, doctor, astronaut, and leader of 100 Year Starship.

The 100 Year Star Ship is not science fiction. It’s an initiative of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; the folks who helped create the internet). It’s a serious concept supported by ongoing research and funding in various sciences, technologies and disciplines. The goal is to develop the knowledge and capabilities necessary to launch an interstellar-capable vessel within 100 years. You can see some of the research tracks being explored, here: http://symposium.100yss.org/technical-tracks Continue reading