2 thoughts on ““The Investigator” (1954): An Audio Satire of Senator Joe McCarthy

  1. When my uncle visited from the USA, he brought a copy of this play on an LP. It had a plain white lable and was in a plain white sleeve. My parents didn’t have a record player, it was the fifties, but the record was put away carefully and forgotten. in the sixties, I was a teenager and was given a portable record player as a birthday present. We moved house when I was 17 and the record came out of its cupboard. I played it and was amazed and delighted by what I found. We were very politically aware. My family always were left wing. Later, when I was at university, I played the record for friends. I had no idea where my uncle had got it and there were no identifiable marks. Almost inevitably a fellow student borrowed the record and inevitably, I never saw it again. On and off over the years I have tried to locate a copy but never did. Today, I decided to Google it and was once again amazed and delighted to find it. The years have not made it any less effective. Thank you.


    • My experience with this piece was similar in some ways to yours. I remember the blank record sleeve, and I think the only printing on the record label was the title; nothing more.

      I was equally delighted when I searched for this work in the web and was able to find a copy of it, and I’m glad to have been able to share it.

      Thanks for your note.



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