A Love Song About A Cat, by Larry Havluck

Cats just seem to bring out the amusingly strange in people.

I honestly have no idea what this song is actually entitled, or what the tune is, but I love the lyric. I scooped it from a reader comment from this article: http://newsfeed.time.com/2014/01/07/actually-your-cat-thinks-you-are-a-giant-cat/?iid=nf-article-mostpop1

If anyone has a link to a video or audio of this tune, I’d love to include it.


dobe             5pts

>>> From the brilliant musical mind of Larry Havluck <<<

Half a field mouse on the back porch,
Quarter rabbit by the door.
A piece of some poor fish I didn’t see the day before.
To really be specific,
My cat is too prolific,
And I pray she doesn’t bring me any more.
It’s such a pleasure in the morning when you stumble out of bed,
And your foot lands on a furry mound of something cold and dead.
It a treat your cat has brought you,
A snack that she has caught you.
It’s so nice of her to first remove its head.
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