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OCCUPY HOUSTON, October 12th, 2011, NOW At Hermann Square Plaza

OccupyWallStreet has grown, and it’s coming to a city or town near you.

You can find an OCCUPY[YourTown] event by visiting OccupyTOGETHER.

If you live in or near Houston, Texas, the organizational web site is: http://occupyhouston.org/

The two most recent posts from occupyhouston.org (as of 4 AM on the 12th) are below the jump.

They are now back Downtown across from Houston’s City Hall. (YAY!) “Hermann Square Plaza” is the reflecting pool right outside City Hall on 901 Bagby St. Be careful if you park there. Some stretches of curb are legal, many are not. Some legal places have parking meters, some don’t.

When I was there last week, I noticed that many legal parking spaces were coincidentally occupied by various official vehicles. Sometimes one would fill a space some civilian had just vacated.

DON’T GET A TICKET OR TOWED!! Inspect vacant stretches of curb carefully for signs. (If it’s too good to be true…) If you want to attend and are driving downtown, be prepared to walk or pay for parking, if necessary.

This will make it much more likely that your protest experience  will be a happy and gratifying one!
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