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KPFT.ORG: KPFT Schedule Improvements Streamline Program Schedule (and Roark is Back!)

KPFT Schedule Improvements Streamline Program Schedule (and Roark is Back!)

Starting Monday, 14 August, KPFT will welcome Roark Smith back to Wide Open Spaces from 9am to noon, along with several other improvements to our schedule grid. These changes are to serve our listeners better, help people find the type of programs they are looking for, and to build a wider and larger audience for KPFT’s volunteer-produced community radio format, and ultimately to be more successful at paying our bills with on-air fundraising.

—–>  click here to see the new KPFT lineup (PDF format) <——-

Listening blocks are now more consistent from day to day. Noon to 2pm we present a musical strip of popular music programs including Jazz Latino and the award-winning south Asian DJ program Generasian Radio. 4pm to 6pm weekdays KPFT  presents a drive-time music block comprised of some of our most popular weekday music shows- including Blues in Hi-Fi, Sound Awake, and Border Radio, to name a few.

KPFT Local News moves to a morning news incarnation at 8am called KPFT News First Look, Open Journal moves to a weekly spot every 6pm on Mondays, where it joins a 6pm lineup including Nuestra Palabra, Arab Voices, Living Art, and Her Sex/Her Health. 7pm welcomes Tell The World on Wednesdays, to complement The Monitor, Coming to America, Progressive Forum, and Thresholds on the other days of the week at 7pm. Later evenings continue to host diverse information programs before giving way to eclectic music and other programmings through the night.

The morning lineup now presents the Thom Hartmann Show at 5am, followed by a rebroadcast of an hour of our most popular weekend shows at 6am. Then, Democracy Now with Amy Goodman remains a 7am staple, before we go full circle with KPFT News First Look at 8am. KPFT’s Voices program will no longer be heard at 9am.

Thanks for all you do to help keep listener-supported, volunteer-driven KPFT alive and well as we work together in our diversity to move towards a solid future for our station.


SHOW AUDIO: kpft_2014-10-10_1500, PARTISAN GRIDLOCK, with Mike Honig & Egberto Willies (subbing for Geoff Berg)

Link is usually posted within about 72 hours of show broadcast.

ELECTION DAY IS COMING! Register AND Vote!: VOTER & Political Info And Resources

“If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t try so hard to suppress it!”

I was flattered to be asked to guest co-host, with Egberto Willies, Geoff Berg’s show, Partisan Gridlock.  Geoff does a great show, and it obviously took two of us to try to replace him. Egberto and I had a great time, and we hope we’ll be invited back when needed.

You can listen to almost any show I’ve ever done (going back to May 2010) by going to the archive tab.

I also do Thinkwing Radio with Mike Honig (@ThinkwingRadio), a listener call-in show (every Wednesday night from 10-11PM CT) on KPFT-FM 90.1 (Houston). My engineer and discussion partner is Egberto Willies (@EgbertoWillies). Listen live on the radio or on the internet from anywhere in the world! When the show is live, we take calls at 713-526-5738. (Long distance charges may apply.)  For the purposes of this show, I operate on two mottoes:

  • You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts;
  • An educated electorate is a prerequisite for a democracy.

POSSIBLE TOPICS: Voting, Hong Kong Occupy, Ebola in the US, ISIS

GUEST(S): (See Event Announcement with links below the break)


NOTE: This post is subject to update before and after the show. ______________________________________________________________________ Some of the links used for this show are BELOW the break: SOURCES (Below the break) Not all topics discussed on tonight’s show: Continue reading

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